School and Learning Management System

250,000.00 170,000.00

We are creating a digital experience that will create a medium to disseminate information, educate students/members, socially interact with students, generate an automatic online certificate, badges, online exams, generate feedback mechanism, allow payment of course (Free or not), generate receipts, segment classes or categories, collaborate and integrate faculties/departments.

This is an open-ended platform that allows futuristic integrations for  specific functions that can help build a solid reputation management for the entire training center with yet a welcome look





We propose to deploy a Learning Management System with a school management system which will not just serve as an e-school management but a complete eLearning suite. It is suitable for Educational Training Centres, Corporate trainings, Coaching centres, Course tutors, College, Academy, University, and Primary Schools. It is a digital learning website for course management, instructor and student management, which allows you to create and sell your courses online. We will create your eLearning academy or online platform that can compete with the likes of globally recognize elearning website such as,, etc. Our eLearning applications have been tested on sites with close to million members, which is easy to use and maintain. We will also add a school management system that digitize the enter structure of your school activities


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