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List of our products and services available on our referral program

Coming Soon: Digital Marketing Training for Business & Freelancers. New: Video Ads Creation

Website Design Service

We are highly professional in this field and capable of designing seamless, search engine friendly websites that can perform any type of web function. We have designed for big brands, medium and small scale businesses. Your client will see our jobs, testimonies, prices and all they need to know on the assigned sales page. Be rest assured of an open ended website & 99% up-time delivery for your referral's website

Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Businesses can save or reduce cost of sending Bulk SMS to customers and new leads. This tool allows for Whatsapp filtering and personalized messaging. This will ease mobile communication for all kinds of businesses as users have the ability to send and receive various media files as compared to Bulk SMS.

Withdraw paypal in Nigeria

One of the biggest challenges internet business newbies face when trying to do business online or earn online from foreign companies is the fact that there's a restriction for Nigerians to receive money from one of the world's most accepted online payment gateway "PayPal" into their local bank account. This Ebook will show the solution that works without changing VPN. It is reliable, safe, free of premium charges, and allows withdrawal at current CBN (N360-$1) rate as oppose commercial bank rate of N250 to a dollar.

Maximize leads

Businesses are searching for the best fit to maximize leads in order to engage customers at all cost. This sales page will show a combination of mobile marketing solutions for small and medium scale businesses to maximize potential leads and cold prospects. From this sales page other mobile marketing tools will be sold and you'll get a commission for them excluding the bulk SMS.

Contact extractor

Businesses spend a fortune on promotional Ads just to reach out to targeted traffic.These 3 for one price extractor software allows users extract contacts of friends & friends of friends on Facebook, contacts of targeted professionals on Linkedin, and targeted leads of business owners on Google.

Get targeted leads

Some Business to Customer (B2C) businesses might desire to reach audience within a specific location. For example, a boutique in Onike, Sabo, Yaba perhaps will need to disseminate promotional messages to residents who reside in Onike, Sabo only. We have contact leads of residents that are highly targeted based on street, local government and gender. We sell per states, e.g Lagos state, but kindly call us for other states in Nigeria. These leads will be forwarded to buyers email address and you'll be dully remitted all your marketing commissions.

New Services Added: School Learning & Management System

With respect to the ongoing pandemic and high demand for online learning and a need for school management on and off campus. We recently deployed School management systems, learning management systems and other business management systems that can help businesses thrive through and after the pandemic. These digital services will be suitable for service businesses, retail businesses, real estate businesses, human resource team and business, agencies, and all types of schools (primary, tertiary and private institutions. Not excluding online tutors and coaches). All you need to do is to click on each business, learn more and share the specific business category link with your referral, and start earning. Yes, it is that simple.

Here’s the fastest selling products from our catalog at the moment.

Business Management Systems

Our newly added business deployment will help just any business survive the pandemic. You'll surely find someone that needs our services

Organize the entire school system, reduce the use of paper work, simplify Admin Management, Accounts, School fees, Exams, Online lectures, Inquiries, Results, Certificate & more. Your referral's websites will manage all activities.
The perfect online learning system for instructors , institutions, and elearning platforms who wish to sell paid or membership courses, issue points, award certificates and badges, conduct quizzes and exams, take live exams and more
Ecommerce (Online stores) and Multi vendor website that helps to manage any type of retail business. Have marketing and management tools like ebay, Amazon or Jumia. Sell & Manage your online store. Merchants can also sell on your website
Organise & display your listing, manage suppliers & residents, booking Enquiry, and complaints. The Intuitive Backend Management System For Realtors And Real Estate Companies. Your referral's websites will manage all activities.
Just as big Job companies provide job portals on their website, we will give your referral a simple solution that allows recruiters to have their own admin dashboard to post jobs, and candidate’s admin dashboard to apply for jobs.
Admin Centralised Dashboard | Department & Designation Management | Leave Request Management | Shifts Management | Staff Management | Generate Attendance Reports | Staff Working Hours and more

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