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Instagram growth should be stress free

It is time to stop surviving and start thriving. Our premium service sets your business on autopilot by sending automatic social media engagements, and auto views on every post you make.

We’ve also got manual options depending on your goal. Our premium service sends automatic likes and views to your account in a matter of minutes boosting your chances to get featured in the top post section or explore section. Once there, can you imagine how many genuine people will find you, bringing in more real views, real likes, and real followers?

Automatic Likes

risk free automation

Using our Auto Likes Service we will automatically send likes to EVERY picture you upload. You can request control on the speed of the likes the way you want. Have them delivered within minutes or several hours after you have uploaded your picture. It’s all up to your request.

Manual Likes

risk free automation

You have a special picture where you’d like to direct attention to? The manual likes is perfect for this. Even when you have an auto likes subscription you can purchase manual likes and add them to pictures that have already received auto likes.

Video Views

risk free automation

Having views to recently posted images & videos has a big impact on new profile visitors. This will encourage them to view more from your gallery & follow your account. Our Instagram Video Views service will send views to every media you upload or share views on old images.

Instagram Follow

risk free automation

Likes alone don’t make the whole pie, your account needs to have followers to look great. Our bulk follower service makes it easy for you to add followers to your account. These followers won’t like your pictures. Combine the followers with our likes packages for the ultimate experience.

Recent addition: View on IGTV ( Since you can’t run sponsored ads for IGTV, I bet this is your best alternative), Targeted Comments on post & Other social media service. Click here to see more.  

Most frequently Asked Questions

Please take time to read our frequently asked questions before proceeding to checkout

With the Periodic automated likes or views, every image or video you post during the specified period will be automatically credited with the specified number of likes or views purchased. Even if you make an unlimited number of posts during the specified period, we will credit every post made. 

With Periodic automatic likes or views, all posts made during a specified period are credited with the assigned number of impression and engagements purchased. While with the automatic likes or views, subsequent post made after purchase will be automatically credited with the assigned number of post likes or views purchased.

Periodic Automatic engagements do not have periodic automated comments as the “Automated instagram comments”

Periodic Automated Likes or views are not targeted according to location or other specification, but we can target “Automated Instagram likes or views” according to your required specifications.

Periodic automated likes or views are, by default, charged in dollars.

We never had a single account compromised because of our service and we make sure this won’t change in future.

 Fully profiled Accounts

 Risk Free

 Quality assured

No, it isn’t illegal. You will not have to worry about the safety of your profile when choosing a trusted supplier of followers like us.

The reason for this is that hundreds of thousands of users (including big names like celebrities and musicians) purchase followers regularly, this means you are in good company! The social sites might not like the idea, but they are not able to effect a user who buys quality followers as they cannot tell the difference between naturally earned followers and those provided by quality suppliers.

Will only buying Instagram followers make your business grow? No. To be honest, growing a business using Instagram as an online marketing platform is more than just a numbers’ game. You have to keep at it and use multiple different strategies to increase your account reach and grow your audience base.

So, if you are looking to grow your business using social media platforms like Instagram then you have to use multiple different tools to implement your business strategy which will then help your business.

One such tool is buying Instagram followers from social media service providers. Many people choose to use it while there are others who don’t. But if you do use it remember how it fits your marketing strategy.

Ultimately, the followers that you buy are going to improve the aesthetics and appearance of your Instagram business profile. These followers will not be the ones who would interact with your posts or buy your services or products. They are there to increase the follower count of your account which will attract other users. Think of it this way.

If you are searching for a particular thing on Instagram and you get a bunch of results. Which account would you be more interested in checking out – the one with a low follower count or the one with a higher count? Most people will go for the latter and that’s where buying followers can initially help. But, of course, if your content, product, and service are not good no one will want to follow you and your business will not grow doesn’t matter how many followers you buy.

So, use buying followers for your Instagram profile as a tool to improve the looks of your Instagram profile. Then use other strategies to ensure that if someone finds your profile they become your follower and if possible convert to your customer.

The simple answer is to make Interesting, entertaining, and attractive content. But there’s more at play here. Let’s dive a bit deeper to find out what can help you gain more likes on your Instagram posts.

The more likes you get on Instagram the more is the visibility of the post. If you get enough likes your post can even end up on the explore page of Instagram. This can increase your reach and help you gain new followers who are interested in your content.

So, gaining more likes on your posts is very helpful for your overall growth on Instagram. We have a few suggestions which can help you improve the probability of more people liking your posts. Keep in mind we are looking at it from the perspective of people who would like to grow their brand on Instagram.

  • Understand Your Audience:

This is something we always advise our readers to do. Make sure you understand your niche and target audience. Research your followers and learn what they like and which accounts and businesses they follow.

This will give you an insight into their preferences. This way you can ensure that you are catering your posts towards them.

  • Do Not Compromise With Photo Quality:

You should not post low-quality pictures on Instagram. It is a big turn off for most people. This is because Instagram, at its crux, is a media sharing platform. So, a lot depends on the quality of the media.

If you are looking to become a fashion influencer then hire a professional photographer to take your pictures. If you cannot hire a professional photographer, use a good camera. The quality of the photo or video should be crisp.

  • Learn to Use Hashtags Correctly:

No, this does not mean that you will spam hashtags in your post caption. Research which hashtags work best for your brand or in your field of business.  Choose popular hashtags that can help you gain more visibility.

You can even tag other brands, influencers, and celebrities to your posts. This does not mean that they will notice your post but it can help you become visible to their audience.

  • Have Captivating Captions:

This one might sound obvious but many fail at this. It takes skill to craft a good caption which not only goes with the picture but also grabs people’s attention. If you are looking to get more people interested in your brand a call to action can be a good inclusion in your caption. Don’t be ‘salesy’ even if you are promoting something.

People go on Instagram to watch videos and look at pictures not to buy stuff. So, you have to appeal to them in a different way. Look at what other successful businesses in your field are doing and how they caption their posts. Take these ideas and try to come up with your own captivating captions.

  • Be Consistent:

Keep posting good content as frequently as possible. The more you post the more are the chances of your posts getting noticed. Plan your posts for a couple of weeks and make a schedule and stick to it.

The more consistent you are the better is your chance of growing on Instagram. You must have seen popular accounts post almost daily. Some even post 2-3 times a day. This is because it has some positive effects on your growth.

No, we only need your username.

You account will add no following. You don’t need to follow or unfollow any account.

Engagement starts almost immediately but you can request how fast you want your drip sequence should be.

We sell fully profiled accounts and real active. The real active followers are a little more expensive, though. 

Even though, your followers request is up to you but we strongly advise new account to only purchase followers between 1,000 to 2000 with an average automatic like & views from about 125-256 likes. After this, you can then focus on building your account organically while you support it with automatic likes and views.

We don’t advice buying millions of followers.

To be honest, Instagram and other social media platforms regularly perform huge sweeps in which they figure out whether an account is fake or not and then remove the fake accounts.

We usually provide you with more followers so your follower count doesn’t reduce less than your ordered amount. Usually, we do not experience these type of action, just ensure your contents are valuable to your audience. 

We are a company with our head office in Nigeria, so we have the majority or our customer base here in Nigeria. Also, our community is remitted in Naira. However, you can pay for whatever currency you operate with. Use the live chat to ask for your currency rate. We will process orders immediately after your payment hit our account.

We will process orders immediately after we confirm that payment has been received. You should start seeing effect on or before 24hrs from when order is processed.

You can make custom request. Use the live chat to specify your exact request”

We are open to other social media platforms

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With Periodic automatic likes or views, all posts made during a specified period are credited with the assigned number of impression and engagements purchased.

See differences or periodic automated likes/view and automated likes/views in FAQ.

Make your account look perfect with the best content design

Let our team give your account the perfect branding with quality content and graphics that will boost conversion and authority in your niche. This way, your audience will justify your quantity with quality. We’ll post a minimum of 2 posts per day for a minimum duration of one month.

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Why should I choose Princesage Online Branding (POB Social)?

Princesage Online Branding offers a range of social media services, including buying followers and engagements. This is a platform with skilled personnel who have worked with many clients. Therefore, having the expertise and practical knowledge in handling your social media likes over time. You’re probably worried about getting a wack service from amateurs and also risk giving your Instagram account a fake look that could drive away prospective followers. When you get social media engagements from us, you shouldn’t worry about that and can be sure of getting your money’s worth.

At Princesage Online Branding, we are reliable, we offer you the exact service we say we do and not the case of “what I ordered versus what I got”? We have sound knowledge of how social media works and social media terms of services or restrictions concerning buying fake impressions and engagements. We provide you engagements that are believable enough and we just don’t bombard your posts with engagements not considering checking the ratio of your followers to your likes We also go as far as checking the comment to likes ratio as well before providing you with likes.

Unlike other amateur service providers, here are the reasons you need to trust Princesage Online Branding in getting your real social media impressions and engagents.

  • Princesage Online Branding is reliable, trusted by many clients.
  • Princesage Online Branding does not in any way, provide you with scam services, our services are hundred percent real and trusted.
  • With our high level of expertise in this field, Princesage Online Branding gives you Instagram likes taking into notice, the followers to like ratio which is very important to avoid your page screaming “Fake” to every viewer that comes across your page.
  • Princesage Online Branding services are 100% reliable, legitimate, and pocket friendly.!

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