How to receive & Withdraw Paypal in Nigeria

Paypal is one of the world’s most recognized payment processing platforms. If you are visiting this page for the first time, you probably are in need of receiving funds via PayPal in Nigeria.

It is not a news that PayPal limits Nigerians from receiving and withdrawing funds.  This has restricted so many ecommerce store owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers and business partners from benefiting from the online space.

Many have tried to crack their way through illegal means like changing IP, purchasing VPN and others, only to get banned by PayPal. We also lost $1,872.50 in 2016 from our Godaddy Reseller earnings. Some have used PayPal exchangers and friends but this is very risky.

This challenge has been one of the biggest challenges faced to earn money online for newbies and expert. We will give you the ebook that shows screenshots step to step guide of receiving Paypal directly to your Nigerian bank account for just N10,000

We are not just giving you the ebook but we’ll also give you the advance ebook for free that shows how to withdraw at a beneficial rate, 460 per dollar as compared to CBN. You can not find this knowledge free online as it values for N10,000 per Ebook, but we will give the advanced version free when you purchase it. So it’s a win, Buy one Get One Free.

This method has worked for us since 2017 till date and it is safe.

You will surely thank us later.

Who is it for and why do I need it?

First, what is Paypal and why is it so important to have a PayPal account in Nigeria?, especially the one that can withdraw cash directly to your Nigerian bank account. Like I said earlier, it is one of the world's most recognised payment processing platforms that allows ease of online transactions. You can call it an e-wallet but whatever you call it does not matter, what matters the most is that the large majority of foreign businesses, software, plugins, affiliates, and marketing platforms that are available on the internet space are only willing to pay commissions or allow users withdraw earnings through PayPal. What this means is that those who wish to take advantage of ready-made platforms, iTunes, affiliate system or digital tools most times can only receive payment via PayPal. Though there are new payment processors that are fast rising like Payoneer, I'll stick to why we are here [PAYPAL] because PayPal is the most recognised and some of these platforms requires other technicalities

You can start making money online right away and get paid via PayPal

We have different ways we’ve made money online that is easy and legit using PayPal. It is free and easier than you could imagine. Enter details & we’ll show you how.