How to get targeted leads for your business without using paid ads or SEO and  still have a high open rate when creating brand awareness to cold audience

This mobile marketing hack i’ll share will boost your brand’s visibility by 300% and increase your message open rate to at least 70-82%.

  • You’ll get the facts why you don’t get increased organic visibility & high open rates in reality
  • How to easily extract targeted leads for your business from social media and search engines
  • What mobile marketing platforms to use in sending messages that will get high open rates.
  • How to send messages that will increase open rate and not appear spammy  or avoid the risk of getting blocked. See a sample message with the Do’s & Don’ts of the entire process
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The greatest frustration of creating organic awareness for cold and warm audience is the high limitation to audience reach. Do you that know  you only get less than 5% visibility for organic post made on most social media platforms?

This simply means that if you’ve got a thousand friends on Facebook or a sizeable number of professionals on Linkedin you wish to target with your organic post, only a tiny fraction of  your audience  will see your post (about 2.5-5% people). 

Even if you decide to sell offline, use SEO, or even use paid ads, you will still be limited to the audience reach relative to the time you run your ad campaign.

Imagine you own a physical store or local business you wish to target within a specific business location. Have you asked yourself what happens to those audiences offline during the period you run your campaign?

I'll show you three ways to get targeted leads, and increase messages open rate without using paid ads or SEO

In today’s digital marketing, we often advise viewers to run paid-promotional ads to targeted cold audiences by offering value or freebie in exchange for audience leads which in turn lead to sales. Usually, these promotional ads drive traffic to a landing page where the offer is made, and interested audiences give their contact details in exchange for your offer. You’re then required to follow up on new leads using automated sequential messages known as a sales funnel. Is this approach good and effective? Yes, it is. However, you’ll be spending so much money running ads campaign, building landing pages that convert, designing opt-in pages, drafting cajoling sales pitches and offering a valuable offer just to get  leads and attention of cold audience within your reach.  What if I tell you that you can directly reach out to 100% of your facebook friends, friends of friends, get targeted leads on social media and google. Would it be something you’ll love?

  • According to Neil Patel, an average of 10% audience opt-in their contact details when a landing page is highly optimized for conversion, and according to outbound statistics an average of 4.02% only opt in to landing pages. Imagine how much traffic you’ll need just to get leads of people living close to your office or store location
  • Proven statistics shows an average successful email campaign has an open rate of 20-30%. This means, you’ll continue to loose leads through the process of your sales funnel
  • Facebook organic  post view has dropped to 2.5%-3%, leaving you to create awareness for only those that engage with your brand. This means you have to pay social networks for showing your products to your own friends and family. Can you imagine that? You can’t blame them anyways, after all Facebook is not a charity organization.
  • Messenger, text and WhatsApp has maintained a high open rate of approximately 80%. Now is the time to maximize mobile marketing.

If you pay attention till the end of this guide, I’ll teach you how to get these contacts without paid ads, What platforms to use in sending cold & warm messages, and how to send messages that get high open rate and click through rates. I’ll also share the Do’s and Don’ts of the entire process

Getting the contacts

Getting the right contact details is 10x as important as starting the whole process. All efforts will prove abortive when disseminating messages to the wrong audience. Before we go on, let me categorically state that we do not support spamming or non compliance to GDPR regulations. All recommended extractor tools and contacts online only extracts data available in public spaces where users input their personal details  and accepted the terms & data conditions of the specific third party platforms they signed up for. Doing this by their action or by their conducts. We do not sell private data like users earning, or browsing transaction activities that risk the security of our contact owners. We also encourage customers to streamline their marketing efforts to niche based value marketing for cold calls and transparency at all times. See See How to Send in the right way to maximise open rate and avoid spamming

Use the search tool Use the search tool on our site to extract contacts free from social sites through search engine. This tool allows you to get targeted contacts that are recently updated. Though, this method doesn’t extract names of users and requires a little extra effort. It is free and worth trying. Visit Site here

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Use these 3 for one Life-time priced software to extract contacts of people and businesses that exist on google and social media (Facebook Friends,  Friends of friends, niche groups, Linkedin professionals in targeted locations & business owners on Google My Business). See software.

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It is not just about buying numbers and spamming your contacts. You’ll need accurate numbers with information that allows personalisation and categorisation to increase open rate, comply with GDPR regulations and reduce cost of sending messages. We sell accurate personalised numbers of residents categorised by streets.

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Now that you know how to extract leads, you’ll need the right digital tools that allows mobile messaging, merge personalization, & other features that can enable users to unsubscribe from your list. This will aid complaince of GDPR regulations

What are the best tools to send messages that increases open rate and visibility?

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POB Talk: You need a Bulk SMS platform that allows message personalisation. is a complete bulk and voice SMS sending platform that allows merge personalisation. Click here to See how to send personalized messages.

Bulk Whatsapp sender: If you wish to cut down expenses to zero every time you blast messages, then Whatsapp Bulk Sender is something you’ll love. It is obviously not convenient and realistic to add hundreds to thousands of  marketing leads & customers  to your mobile device manually. This software allows you filter your lead’s (WhatsApp numbers from non Whatsapp numbers). Many companies offer this service as a paid service so you can add this to your other streams of income. Also, you can send bulk Whatsapp messages and extract contacts from open groups you belong to on Whatsapp. It also allows message personalisation, 2-way messaging, attach files, images and audio messages

Messenger Bot Automation apps: this has grown to be one of the fastest and most convert-able engagement platforms in the world that generates up to 80% open rate. However, most Messenger Bot Automation platforms are paid versions with free versions that have highly limited subscribers. Click Messenger Bot Automation to give us your details and we will show you a free platform that allows unlimited subscribers, and also work you through the automation set up

Email Marketing Services: This is the most used digital tools for lead magnet. You’ll need an autoresponder that strictly adheres to CAMA Act and GDPR compliance regulations. Enter your details and we’ll show you the best tool and practises for Email Marketing . Click Email Marketing

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[Do's & Don'ts]: How to send messages that will increase readability, and reduce the risk of getting blocked or violating the GDPR regulations?

1. Send messages only to people that are familiar with your brand, niche or location (Customers, friends, subscribers etc). If you're sending messages to cold contacts that you extracted from the software or got from us, don't be tempted to blast messages to all contacts or people that don't need them. Categorize your contacts to locations or users vocation and only send related and useful interactive contents

2. Use platforms and tools that are GDPR compliant to send messages. Try to abide by the rules set by these platforms to avoid getting banned.

3. Be transparent: On your first message sent or below the footer of every message sent, let customers know how you got their contacts, why you're sending them a message and how to unsubscribe. For text messages DND (Send STOP to 2442) to unsubscribe, For messenger app (Type "Stop" then [CONFIRMED) to unsubscribe any time, For Whatsapp, reply "Remove me from list". When they do please ensure they are removed from your list. It is safe and cheaper to manage leads that give you permission

4. Use personalisation merge tags to send messages. For example, for a cold audience: "Hi Bayo, we just opened our new store at "Onike", close to you. If you're one of the first to visit our store on Monday morning, you'll get a free cuff link. Why not turn on the push notification and we'll let you know if this offer has been claimed. And to warm audience: "Hi Catherine, we really appreciate you for patronising us. We'll love to let you know that most customers who purchase our LV Bag love to check this out "LINK"

5.When sending messages to your list for the first time, offer relevant freebie or extremely useful information that will be valuable to your niche.

6. Don't abuse your audience with unnecessary and bulky messages such as; sensitive or explicit contents, irrelevant or abusive messages

Watch the attached Video to See Sample Message you can send to cold audience

Pocket reminder and things to note

Get the right contacts

Getting the right contact details is 10x as important as starting the whole process. All efforts will prove abortive when disseminating to the wrong contacts . We have a list of verified mobile entries registered by users with a decent purchasing power and an age range of above 18. These entries are as accurate as entries from voters registration and entries from telecom service providers. We also have different software that allows you to extract contacts from Facebook, google and LinkedIn in seconds. If you feel money is a big issue, you can also extract manually from search engines, though this might be tasking and time consuming. Click the title or icon around this paragraph to select your desired option to get the numbers​

Use POB Talk for SMS messages

One of the most effective ways to reach out to all subscribers is to use the SMS marketing platform that has personalized messaging system, number extractor or may be voice call messaging (if necessary). POB Talk allows you upload these contacts as excel sheets and send personalized messages. It also has other wonderful features. You only pay for SMS unit used. First, take the new excel (.Csv comma) you've saved, visit POB Talk, and use it to send your messages. Click the Icon to see How to send personalized Text Messages to your categorized contacts

Personalized segmentation

Ensure that all contacts are well segmented based on street and owner's first name or full name. Users relate more with messages that have personal feel and interactions. Don't just spam blast messages to a large set of numbers. Ensure you select locations useful to your target market or campaign and address users by name and location. The good news is that our already generated contacts extractor software contacts are well categorized to fit this need. Whatever option of contact you choose, ensure you highlight & copy all selected names and numbers you desire to the first two columns respectively in a separate excel spread sheet and save excel sheet as .csv comma deliminated. You can now use contacts on any of the two sending platform

Use Whatsapp bulk sender to send whatsapp Messages

This is a more cost effective way for blasting continuous messages to end users especially when you desire to send images and attached documents or request user's feedback. You'll be required to purchase the software which comes with a license activation code to be used on the software for a discounted price. This is the only setup fee required to be paid annually but all messages send will be free and disseminated to Whatsapp users onlyThe software has a filter to automatically screen whatsapp numbers. The good news with this platform is that a large percentage of users have Whatsapp enabled and you don't need to buy units when sending messages. Our software is the most effective and affordable Whatsapp software.

Cost Implication

Whatever method you choose solely depends on your budget and goals. For Getting Contact: You can choose the contact extraction method if you wish to target all your friends on Facebook or friends of friends. You can also choose the extraction option if you wish to target a particular lead on Google or Linkedin with a specific business vocation, location or niche. But if you want to target leads specifically within a business location then you can buy targeted contacts. This is best for store owners, real estate practioners, and multilevel marketers. 

Message Sending Option: If you wish to announce the arrival of something new to a particular location or content that converts best with SMS, you can use the POB Talk platform for which you select the specific location you wish to target, in order to save cost of SMS units spent. Thereby, maximizing your returns on investment. But, if you wish to display images and other attachment to a Whatsapp audience or request audience feedback, then you can opt in for the Whatsapp Bulk Sender platform to send.

Note: Whatsapp Bulk Sender is a downloadable PC software that has no direct affiliation to Whatsapp, but is designed by our development team to maximize the benefits of Whatsapp marketing. It is advised that you carefully follow the instructions detailed in the documentation attached to the software before sending to bulk numbers.

Lagos contacts

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Frequently asked questions

If you are a businessperson, real estate agent, multi-level marketer, if you own a retail store or have friends who sell items,  or you own & manage a school or coaching center within any region in Lagos, then this is for you. Getting local contacts and having the ability to reach out to them personally is golden and worth the value of thousands of dollars. Helping clients reach their sales goals with this discovery is worth recovering your investments and yielding more profits. Make wise decisions today

To use the application, No. The application is a cloud based software that only requires users sign up, purchase SMS units and send message. It can be accessed on mobile and desktop. While, the Whatsapp Bulk Sender is our third party application that  requires download and license approval. It is available for windows system only. Mac version is currently not available

First, purchase the contacts or extractor software or Use the free search engine option to extract contacts. Open the excel sheet, search for the locations you wish to send messages to from the excel tabs.

Select contacts by streets

Highlights the names ad numbers

Copy names and numbers highlighted to a new excel sheet and save as .CSV Use the .CSV excel file to send by following the outlined steps here.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender: Use the .CSV excel file to send by following the tutorials here

Yes, you will get support

When you purchase this contacts, you will get a downloadable link that will allow you download the zip file which contains the contacts categorized by streets. Extract the zip file and select each contact based on local government and streamline search by street to locate the exact contacts you wish to send.

If you buy the extractor software, you will get the zip file and tutorial or documentation on how to install on your PC

No, it is a self developed software

We value our name and ensure customers are satisfied with the value of contents we deliver. Please Contact Us if the need arises


These software are not created or affiliated to Facebook, Linkedin or Google. They are just softwares created by our developers to simplify or perform extended functions of the specified apps