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We have created a Personal Profile page for you. It’s a place on the internet for you to communicate with anyone you share the link with. A great idea is to include the link to your profile page in your email signature and business cards, so customers can start a chat with you directly. The page will already have a chat widget installed and is set up so you can easily make a bio and share a little about yourself.

To make any changes to your personal profile page, make your way over to your Profile Icon in the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard and click the image. This will open a menu with options for changing how you experience the Dashboard and how your interactions with others will appear to them. To change your settings click the Edit Profile option form the menu.

This will open up your My Profile page, giving you options for changing not only your personal settings but also manage your AliasesGlobal Shortcutsand more. Clicking the Profile Page option under the Profile section will allow you to make changes to the appearance and settings of your Profile Page.

Visitor page URL

You can customize the final part of the URL to make it your name or something memorable. Saving will update the URL as long as the new one isn’t already taken.

Page status

If you’d prefer not to use the Profile Page you can simply turn it off by switching the page status to inactive. If someone navigates to an inactive Profile Page they will receive an error message as seen below.

Page Image

Set your Profile Page’s image here, upload a picture of yourself, your company logo or whatever fits with your bio. Make sure to keep the image within the limits provided (minimum 80 x 80 pixels and a maximum of 2084 x 2084 pixels).

Page appearance

Here you can either quickly change the color of the background on your Profile Page or click the Advanced button to really dive in and start editing the page with the Page Content window.

Page Content

The Page Content window allows you to alternate themes, changes color schemes, add social links and completely fill out your bio. Use as much or a little here as you like, leaving sections blank will simply skip them on the final page as you can see with the real-time preview on the right side of the window.

Data & Privacy

If you’d prefer not to keep track of individual visitor’s IP addresses you can turn the tracking feature off by disabling the option here.

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