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Website Login

  1. Visit the website backend login by visiting the domain name, forward slash “Log-in”. E.g.
    (Live example,
  2. A default General Admin login information (Username and Password) will be issued to you by our team.
  3. This account is the general admin that can be used to create new users to the backend of your entire website.
  4. ┬áNew users can also register as a new subscriber or employee role admin to your website through that same page by clicking “Not Registered Yet, Sign up Now“. Any new registration submitted from the front-end of this login page will appear as a subscriber, and the General Admin can then change the role of the subscriber from the backend to either Author, Editor, Contributor, etc.

5. When you are logged in, an additional black toolbar will appear at the top of your website. You’re to hover on your school name, at the top left corner of the toolbar to access “Dashboard”, click on the dashboard to access the backend dashboard.
6. Now, you can assign users or create users by visiting dashboard >User > Add New user or see All Users to edit their roles.

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