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1). Go to “Admission” under “SM Student”.

2). Here, you can add a new admission of a student

3). You need to provide admission number, date, class, section and roll number of a student. For each new admission of a session, a new enrollment number is generated.

4). You can also provide login details for this student which the student can use to login to the student dashboard on a page of your website.

Add New Admissions

Add New Admissions

4). You can also import students from CSV file. For this click on “Bulk Admission”, select class and section, then click on “Export Sample CSV”. Fill student details in the file, choose the CSV file with student details and click “Bulk Import”.

Bulk Admission

5. The student can register from the front page of your website and have your team edit and confirm the details, to reduce the bulk of work. Visit your website, forward slash, register-student. E.g. Live Example (

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