How Would You Like To Get Targeted Leads From Facebook, LinkedIn And Google Easily Without Using Paid Ads?

Get the ultimate 3 for one price solution to easily scrape leads from Facebook, Linkedin and Google

Do you know in 2013, Facebook organic reach was 35%, and later dropped to 10%  in 2015, and from 2016 till date, it has remained at 2.5% to make this a 75% decrease in organic reach. This means, only 2.5% of your engaging followers  will see your organic post within the duration of at least 24 hrs from when it was posted. Sad right? Yeah, we know. You can imagine the limitation faced getting your brand exposed to friends and customers organically. Before you shift the blames to Mc Zuckerberg, please note that, the more people embrace these wonderful social platforms, the more your audience’s Newsfeed will remain a battle field for brand competition. So this is not just about Facebook, but a norm for every trending social network.

Have you ever thought of reaching out to a certain category of business professionals on Linkedin or tried to get the contact details of business owners & decision makers in different categories of businesses within a specific location? I’m sure you know, getting all of these will take rigorous code calling or one-to-one  DM’ marketing to get your request accepted . If these challenges sound like what you wish to crack, don’t  search the net any further because we got you covered.

Facebook Extractor (Valued at $89 Yearly) for a life time fee

Extract all contacts linked to the generation of your Facebook friends list. Maximize your friends list and friends of friend’s list by extracting all contacts (Name, email and numbers) for bulk mailing. Imagine you have 200 friends, with Facebook extractor you can get all 200 contact leads of your friends list. If each friend has at least 200 friends, you can extract the leads of all friends of that friend & make each of their friends and your friends a contact lead, which makes your extraction almost endless. This means, with each member of your friend list, you can get all their friends contacts too. You can also get contacts of members of an open Facebook group you belong to.

In addition, it automatically exports contact list to an excel file

Linkedin Extractor (Valued at $79 Yearly) for a life time fee

Unarguably, Linkedin has one of the highest number of users with their professional status constantly being updated. With the Linkedin extractor, users can extract email contacts of specific professionals in a targeted location across the world.  For example; All doctors in Yaba, lagos, Nigeria. And the export contacts  for email marketing

Google Map Extractor (Valued at $129 Yearly) for a life time fee

Do you know millions of companies register their businesses daily with Google My Business to maximize local SEO? If your business is not on the list, I hope you know you’re loosing a lot. That being said, do you know that the contact details in their profile are mostly contacts of decision makers, CEO’s and Heads of customer service units of most companies registered on Google My Business? 

The google map extractor extracts contacts using keywords, profession and location. This means users can extract all the Realtors or doctors in a specific location

Bonus Offer: kutools For Excel Unlimited use

Kutools – Combines More Than 300 Advanced Functions And Tools For Microsoft Excel

Kutools for Excel is a handy Excel add-in with more than 300 advanced features to simplify various kinds of complicated tasks into a few clicks in Excel. For example, Excel users can easily combine worksheets with several clicks, merge cells without losing data, paste to only visible cells, and so on. Undoubtedly, this powerful and user-friendly add-in will save Excel users a mass of working time and greatly improve working efficiency.

We are offering to all our customers this beautiful, paid tool with unlimited use, unlimited PC and unlimited number of years, click and install, to help organize their contact data base. It is Valued at $49 per year

Extract contacts for businesses




Best Cloud Software To Send Bulk SMS

Use Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Best Cloud Tools To Send Bulk Emails To Your List >>

There are more than 100s of reliable email marketing, cloud based softwares to use in disseminating information to your contact list but we recommend that you use Omnisend for a start because of the amazing contact segmentation. You can start with a free trial

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How to send messages that will increase readability, and reduce the risk of getting blocked or violating the GDPR regulations? [Do's & Don'ts]

1. Send messages only to people that are familiar with your brand, niche or location (Customers, friends, subscribers etc). If you're sending messages to cold contacts that you extracted from the software or got from us, don't be tempted to blast messages to all contacts or people that don't need them. Categorize your contacts to locations or users vocation and only send related and useful interactive contents

2. Use platforms and tools that are GDPR compliant to send messages. Try to abide by the rules set by these platforms to avoid getting banned.

3. Be transparent: On your first message sent or below the footer of every message sent, let customers know how you got their contacts, why you're sending them a message and how to unsubscribe. For text messages DND (Send STOP to 2442) to unsubscribe, For messenger app (Type "Stop" then [CONFIRMED) to unsubscribe any time, For Whatsapp, reply "Remove me from list". When they do please ensure they are removed from your list. It is safe and cheaper to manage leads that give you permission

4. Use personalisation merge tags to send messages. For example, for a cold audience: "Hi Bayo, we just opened our new store at "Onike", close to you. If you're one of the first to visit our store on Monday morning, you'll get a free cuff link. Why not turn on the push notification and we'll let you know if this offer has been claimed. And to warm audience: "Hi Catherine, we really appreciate you for patronising us. We'll love to let you know that most customers who purchase our LV Bag love to check this out "LINK"

5.When sending messages to your list for the first time, offer relevant freebie or extremely useful information that will be valuable to your niche.

6. Don't abuse your audience with unnecessary and bulky messages such as; sensitive or explicit contents, irrelevant or abusive messages

Watch the attached video to see a sample of the kind of Message you can send to your cold audience





Note: prices will return to normal charges very soon

How much will these software cost me?

Facebook Extractor

The value of Facebook extractor is $89/Yr which is usually below what other competitors charge, but we won't be charging you per year. Rather, we'll give you the software for a life time value price

LinkedIn Extractor

The value of LinkedIn extractor is $79/Yr which is usually below what other competitors charge, but we won't be charging you per year. Rather, we'll give you the software for a life time value price

Google Extractor

The value of Google Map extractor is $129/Yr which is usually below what other competitors charge, but we won't be charging you per year. Rather, we'll give you the software for a life time value price

All 4 software are licensed for use in multiple PCs and laptops

Don't worry, you'll get all three software for a One-Life-Time price

Imagine you have to buy Facebook Extractor for 10 years or for 10 PCs, that should cost you about $890. Besides, getting the LinkedIn and Google Map Extractor will cost you an additional $790 and $1,290 respectively.

The good news is that we want you to succeed, and we understand that even though this seem to be a great investment, sourcing for funds is not a bed of roses.  

We will not charge you half of the total sum of our 10 years offer for a life time fee. Neither would we charge you quarter the price, or 10%, or even 5% of the total sum for all 3 softwares because we want to make an impact.  We are selling at $69 for this short sales period. Remember, you’ll get KuToools for Excel Paid Version for a Life time for free when you buy our 3 for one softwares.

Get this limited time offer @ ($69) before it expires for all three software and save $2970

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  • Extract from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc
  • Extract from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  • Extract Whatsapp numbers only


Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, all software comes with their  respective keygen  (Please note that bonus software don’t come with keygen but license for unlimited number of years)

You’ll get a zip folder, extract the folder but ensure you watch the tutorial videos on this site  before extracting the folders

No hidden charges. If at all we upsell anything, it won’t be a function of any of these software, and therefore won’t be compulsory

We have a Bulk SMS platform  POB Talk for Nigerian Users, Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software for all countries and recommend OmniSend orGetresponse for email marketing 

Our software only extracts contacts available in the public space and not users private data. However, we encourage and advise customers to apply discretion and best marketing practices when disseminating cold messages to first audience. (Offer useful content to targeted audience that will find your content or free materials useful)

Also note that the GDPR Compliance deals majorly with how users datas are handled. Ensure that you know what GDPR means & you’re as transparent as possible. Inform your  contact how you got their contacts and give them a possible option and directives to unsubscribe at anytime 

What is GDPR?

The GDPR is the new European legislation meant to replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive

This regulation, which can be read in full on the CNIL website, is the new European law governing the use and handling of individuals’ personal data.

It has 3 primary objectives:

  • To standardize European data protection regulations.
  • To give citizens control over how their personal data is used.
  • To make sure that companies are aware of their responsibilities regarding personal data.

Yes, but for only citizens and residence of Nigeria (Contacts are targeted based on street and other variables)

Close all apps simultaneously running while you extract. End task of all programs running, and open extractor software again. Also, ensure that you disable all antivirus programs before installing. Please, follow the tutorial on this page carefully.

No. Unfortunately, we do not give rights to resell the software but you can sell all contacts extracted from the software. We take strict legal actions against commercial activities. This software is still in it early stages and it is open for multiple system installation provided that you do not install for commercial purposes. 

However, you can sell all contacts extracted from the software

Sadly, we do not offer refunds at the moment because our software comes with keygen tools. Once you install our softwares, there is virtually no way we can uninstall it from our end.

Please understand with us. If you face extreme difficulties which rarely happens when you strictly abide by the instructions in our tutorials guide. You’ll have a 2weeks exclusive support with our developers from the day of your purchase

Sorry, the mac version is not available at the moment

Facebook Extractor: Access Token Error when trying to log password in

Ensure that your Facebook password has no symbol sign e.g #/?_- etc.

Facebook Extractor Pro

Facebook temporarily disabled my account.
Limit the number of scraping actions within a given time (one Scraping per session). If facebook notifies you of disabling your account due to not recognised access. Just change your password & you’ll be good to go

Google Map Extractor: Exception Google Chrome Version error

Ensure that you use Google chrome version of not later than Version 8.0

Linkedin Extractor: No Local C Drive on my PC, so I am facing challenges using the Linkedin Extractor

Right click on the notepad file “Key”, select properties from the dropdown and uncheck the ‘read only’ checkbox.

This means you don’t have .Netframework installed on your PC. Please google and install the latest version and import the necessary certificate if needed

We will advise user to download our software with other browsers other than google chrome browser and also disable all antivirus program.

This is because these softwares contain .exe file and are created with measures that prevent exposure of some scripts to avoid blocking from most of the social media platforms we scrape from.

If you find it difficult to trust the software security due any virus alert, then we advise that you do not proceed to checkout. We can only state that our software don’t pose any damage to your PC but we will not be responsible to claims of other PC attacks.

After successful installation, you can enable antivirus program back


Social Phone & Email Extractor

We wish to notify our prospective buyers that due to the recent development and security measures taken by LinkedIn, Facebook and Google, we are experiencing minor bug difficulties in the above-listed software. However, assigned developers are working endlessly to put a fix to this challenge. We have decided to offer the two effective extractor software that performs much better extraction features than the listed software as a compensation to the temporary issues faced with the other software. 

Please Note: The Facebook extractor still works well to extract your Facebook friends contact list. Also we’ll still send buyers the latest updated version as soon as they are available.

This means that buyers will not just enjoy this more expensive extraction software for free, but also have all software added to their account.

However, this free extractor software will only be available for a limited time till we fix the bug on other software.

So if you purchase these software after the fix, you will only get the Facebook, Linkedin and Google Extractor. Sorry about that because the value for the social extractors goes for over N80,000.

Extract Contacts From All Major Social Networks and Search Engines


These software are not created or affiliated to Facebook, Linkedin or Google. They are just softwares created by our developers to simplify or perform extended functions of the specified apps

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One click installation for Kutools

Part of Kutools Function Demo
(Remove all from zero, Add number or text in front of numbers etc)


Use Niche Value Based Marketing, and learn how to send messages to Cold Audience

See DO's & DON'Ts (How to send messages to cold audience)